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Why You Need to Check out the San Diego Zoo

san diego zoo

Animals are an important part of our world, regardless if it is for our food, our clothing, our livelihood, or as our friends, companions, even colleagues. Man’s fascination with animals has led various forces in the world to begin conserving and preserving our planet’s wildlife, to stop the extinction of any more species, and to […]

Top 10 Attractions in San Diego, California

san diego attractions

For young and old alike, San Diego hosts some of the most fantastic attractions and activities in all of California. Known for its cool climate, 70 miles of unspoiled beaches and a stunning selection of top-notch family attractions, San Diego is one of the favorites among travelers around the globe. The attractions are far too […]

Top 10 Things to Do in La Jolla

la jolla

When you hear someone saying “La Jolla” in Spanish, it simply means “Jewel.” That’s a perfect name for the beautiful village located on the coast just north of San Diego. Spend a vacation in these spectacular surroundings, and you will feel like you have discovered a real gem of your own. The ambiance is one […]

Why You Need to Visit Balboa Park

balboa park

If you’re looking to visit San Diego, then your visit is undoubtedly incomplete without dropping by the Balboa Park. As the single largest urban cultural park in the whole of the United States, Balboa Park has much to offer to its visitors. Most of the time, they referred to it is known as the “Smithsonian […]

Belmont Park in Sunny San Diego – Must Go!

belmont park air view

San Diego is California’s second-largest city. Due in large part to the pleasant climate and long stretches of beaches; this town has become a premier tourist and retirement destination. The city has capitalized on this eagerly, combining its reputation as an environmental and wildlife conservation to erect a series of tourist draws and attractions such […]