Why You Need to Check out the San Diego Zoo

san diego zoo

Animals are an important part of our world, regardless if it is for our food, our clothing, our livelihood, or as our friends, companions, even colleagues. Man’s fascination with animals has led various forces in the world to begin conserving and preserving our planet’s wildlife, to stop the extinction of any more species, and to increase awareness of animal conservation, as well as bring people to the wild side of our humanity. Sounds dark, yes? Well, it’s not as complicated as it seems, especially when all one needs to do to find out what it’s all about is to go to San Diego Zoo.

This Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city which attracts hundreds of visitors to its gates on a daily basis. This zoo was officially opened in 1915 and is located at the picturesque Balboa Park. The entire facility covers a total area of approximately 107 acres and is home to a variety of animals from around. Although the zoo is privately owned, it’s classified as a nonprofit organization and is run by the Zoological Society of this city. More than 8000 animals belonging to 800 species call the San Diego Zoo, one of the largest such facilities in the world their home.

This Zoo can be divided into nine sections which are differentiated by the habitats and the animals they support. The Polar Rim is one such section where you will find three more fascinating exhibits; the Arctic Aviary Exhibit, the Polar Bear Exhibit, and the Reindeer Exhibit. Panda Canyon, Asian Passage, Elephant Odyssey, Urban Jungle, Africa Rocks, Lost Forest, the Outback and the Discovery Outpost complete the park exhibit list.

San Diego Zoo is, arguably, the world’s most advanced zoo. It is also one of the greatest zoos, spanning over 107 acres, each one of which is called home by some animals totaling over 4,000 from over 800 species. These animals are there, not just for the visitors to enjoy, but also to increase the awareness of people when it comes to animal conservation. It is truly a perfect place for animal lovers worldwide, whether they love the furry, the scary, the scary, the lovable, or the fierce.

The animals, however, are just one big facet of the zoo’s importance and value, even if it is indeed one big aspect. In addition to having a lot of animals, San Diego Zoo has also led many efforts and techniques when it comes to animal care and conservation. In addition to the procedures and rules enforced by the zoo, the animals of San Diego Zoo also thrive because of the way their enclosures are built. These exhibits are made to specification, catering to the particular needs of each animal. They are designed based on themes, from the African jungles and rainforests to the snowy Arctic plains and tundras, and everything else in between. The reasons for this is to make sure that the animals stay as close to their natural habitats as possible, and therefore, act, live and thrive the way they were supposed to in the wild.

San Diego Zoo, one of the best-known zoos in the world you should not miss while you are in San Diego city. Once you are in the zoo, you may find yourself difficult to leave the place. It has so much to offer.


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