Top 15 Things to Do in San Diego, California

top 15 things to do in san diego

San Diego is the 2nd largest city in California and the 8th in the US! It is situated on the borders with Mexico and is entirely influenced by the culture and temperament of the neighbor country so much that you feel like you are in Mexico! San Diego is one of the great cities in California that you must visit sometime in your life.

There are so many things there to do and see there that it is simply amazing. With miles and miles of beaches, a world famous Zoo, great restaurants, excellent surfing, internationally acclaimed horse racing, golf and tennis, spectacular sunsets and perfect weather all year round, what’s not to love about San Diego?

Need some ideas on things to do in San Diego? Here’s a list of 15 Things to Do in San Diego:

  1. Picnic at Balboa Park

There are many events, museums and things to do for both fee and free in Balboa. One of favorite dates is a simple picnic in the park and then a stroll around the beautiful architecture of the Park.

  1. Watch Seaworld Fireworks

Probably the best thing to do in San Diego is watch the SeaWorld fireworks. When the warm summer nights welcome in the annual display of fireworks, make your way over to one of Mission Bay’s bonfire pits and nestle up close to someone special.

  1. Coronado Ferry Ride

The ferry travels back and forth to Coronado all day. Bring your bike and bike around Coronado Island, or just lounge at one of the little beaches near the ferry landing.

  1. Play in the Surf

It goes without saying that San Diego has some of the best beaches in the world. Whether you came to surf, tan, snorkel or swim, there is something for everyone at the beach.

  1. Watch the sun set and stars rise

At the top of Mt. Soledad you will get a 360 view of America’s finest city from it’s highest point. Drive right up the to the top and park it like your Will Ferrell in “Anchor Man” and enjoy the greatest free lookout point in San Diego.

  1. See a Padres Game

You can see a Padres game for under $10. Get a seat on the Lawn, Bleachers, or find better seats on promotion and go enjoy a game. 20 games a year offer guaranteed seats free dinner with your seat.

  1. Climb Cowles Mountain

A perfect mile and a half hike, Cowles Mountain is an excellent way to get outside. Stays fit and have fun while climbing to the top for a rewarding view.

  1. San Diego’s Beaches

With San Diego’s long coastline that features wide expanses of sandy shore, much of it nestled under majestic cliffs, going to the beach has been elevated to an art form

  1. Check out the San Diego Museum

Treat your eyes to some rare paintings and photographs. It has breathtaking art works, sculptures and miniatures from different parts of the world.

  1. Check out Seaworld

It has numerous marine species and exotic collections of sea animals including killer whales, sea lion shows and is sure to enthrall you.

  1. Visit the Starlight Musical Theater

It is one of the oldest running music theaters in the world. Enjoy music shows and theater performances here

  1. San Diego Zoo

This is a great place to begin your San Diego adventure. It is spread across a vast area. There are just some of the numerous attractions here.

  1. Old Town

Stroll through the district and see the historical buildings that date back several hundred years.

  1. San Diego Hikes

Check out the San Diego Best Hiking Trails list we put together of some of the greatest mountains, paths, and trails and enjoy some quality exercise and spectacular views.

  1. Mission Bay Visitor’s Center Yoga

Have fun while exercising and stop by the Mission Bay Visitors’ Center

These are just a few of the many things you can enjoy for free in San Diego. Many more free attractions might pique your interest. And as always, let us help you enjoy your adventure by using our airport car services.


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